Guest Blog Posts

B.K. Stevens Mysteries, First Two Pages

“Once a Kappa”

“The Bride Wore Gold”

Writers Who Kill

July 2017

“Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny and Another Marvelous Thing by Laurie Colwin”

June 2017

Into the Water and Thin Air”

May 2017

“The Lady in the Van”

April 2017

“The New Orleans Botanical Garden”

March 2017

“Kurt Dinan, Cincinnati Hamilton County Library Writer-in-Residence”

February 2017

“Epistolary Novels on my Bookshelf”

January 2017

“Harold the House Finch”

November 2016

“Three Corpse Meal,” a short story

October 2016

“Afternoons in New Orleans”

October 2016

“Eight Things I Like to Do in New Orleans”

September 2016

“What a Wonderful World”

August 2016

“Daylilies and Coneflowers”

August 2016

“Midwest Writers Workshop”

July 2016

“Some Thoughts on the Fourth”

May 2016

“Hydrangeas and Short Stories”

March 2016

“Late Bloomers”